Batista, Goldberg, Booker T, & More Are Coming To WWE 2K Battlegrounds For FREE

WWE 2K Battlegrounds is getting 10 more wrestlers added to its roster, including legends like Bill Goldberg, Booker T, Trish Stratus, and Batista.

The over-the-top world of WWE 2K Battlegrounds is adding 10 new playable characters – including Batista, Booker T, and Goldberg – and they’re part of a free update coming to all owners of the game. This year’s excursion into the world of video games for the troupe of brawlers is a bit different from normal. The game that would have been called WWE 2K21 was canceled to give the developers time to reshape the experience after a less than positive reception to last year’s release. In its place, the makers of NBA 2K Playgrounds took their skills to the squared circle in order to produce a more arcadey experience than wrestling fans are used to.

The end result was a game that also received a mixed response, but one that was significantly better received than WWE 2K20Battlegrounds features a lot of high points, including cleverly written comics depicting the ridiculous story of wrestlers traveling to swamps to fight rookies and the ability to burn, freeze, and otherwise maim Baron Corbin using each Superstar’s power-up abilities. The issues come in with repetitive combat that has a severe lack of depth. Several YouTubers pointed this out by recording gameplay where mashing a single punch button was enough to beat some of the story mode opponents, although later matchups do get a bit more challenging.

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Players who are enjoying their time with WWE 2K Battlegrounds will have 10 more big names added to the already expansive roster starting on November 6, according to 2K. On that date, players instantly receive The Uso Brothers, ready to team with The Tribal Chief if needed. Additionally, players can use in-game currency to unlock WCW legend Goldberg and “The Animal” Batista. The following Wednesday, November 11, players get access to “Latino Heat” Eddie Guerrero and Lita at no additional charge, with The Ultimate Warrior added as a premium option. A week after that, Ruby Riott becomes playable instantly, with Booker T and Trish Stratus heading into the in-game store.

Premium superstars can be unlocked by accruing in-game currency through playing matches or via a currency paid for with real money. There are also unlockable costumes for each character available in the same manner. Each new batch of superstars will also include a set of customization items to grab, including outfits and face paint for created wrestlers, arena designs, color schemes, and more. Some of these options are also locked behind currency that can be either earned or purchased.

It’s good to see that not all of the “free” wrestlers coming to WWE 2K Battlegrounds will wind up locked behind a pair of in-game currencies. The game is already full of places to sink the coins earned through playing, and the only occasionally enjoyable moments in the game are not worth spending real money on for all but the most dedicated fans of the WWE. With next-gen on the way in a week, here’s hoping that Visual Concepts and 2K can offer a fully-fledged WWE experience that can compete with whatever Cody and the Bucks are cooking up down in Daily’s Place.

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