Alex Rider Show Trailer: Kingsman, But With Teens

IMDb TV has released a trailer for their new series Alex Rider, which looks like a Kingsman-style spy thriller for a teenage audience.

The trailer for Alex Rider, a new spy-thriller show for teens that’s making its way to streaming, is officially released. The Alex Rider show is an adaptation of Anthony Horowitz’s best-selling books of the same name. This show, being produced by IMDb TV, was highlighted at this year’s virtual New York Comic-Con alongside Amazon’s The Boys and several other shows from this fall season.

IMDb TV posted a trailer for the Alex Rider series to their official YouTube channel. This teaser shows some of the action-packed spy scenes from the series, and gives a brief overview as to why Alex gets recruited to be a spy in the first place. According to the MI6 officers Alex encounters, they need a teenager to do surveillance at a remote boarding school called Point Blanc. The trailer is full of suspenseful scenes, eye-catching costumes, and, of course, teenagers. The show will be available to watch November 13th for free on IMDb TV, as well as on Amazon Prime Video. You can view the whole trailer below.

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Overall, this trailer from IMDb indicates that the series could be similar to the popular Kingsman film franchise, but in a more teen-friendly way. Given the fact that Kingsman was so popular, but also incredibly violent, creating a more approachable spy story is a good move for IMDb TV and Amazon Prime Video. There’s no telling yet what level of success Alex Rider will have, but if the books it’s based on are any indication, it’s sure to have an impact.

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Source: IMDb TV

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