10 Hilarious Celebrity Responses & Tweets To Borat 2

Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm has already become one of Sacha Baron Cohen´s best movies, according to IMDb, and it’s making waves amongst celebrities and other big names in Hollywood.

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Due to the movie’s controversial content and the unprecedented way in which it was made, Borat 2 was bound to catch the eye of other entertainers and creatives in the movie world. And whether it’s regarding the surprisingly heartfelt nature of the movie or the infamous scene with Rudy Giuliani, they have a lot to say about it.

10 Demi Lovato

There were many celebrities referenced and embarrassed in the movie, but the one celebrity that everybody’s talking about is Rudy Giuliani and his interview with Borat’s daughter, Tutar.

After he goes into a hotel bedroom with her and puts his hands in his trousers, the movie put everyone in a state of shock, including Demi Lovato, who directly responded to Giuliani’s claim that he was tucking in his shirt.

9 Jimmy Kimmel

Leave it to Jimmy Kimmel to come out swinging with some hilarious one-liners about the interview with Giuliani. As Cohen appeared on Kimmel’s show in character as Borat to promote the movie, it’s no surprise that Kimmel is a big fan.

Also replying directly to Giuliani, Kimmel encouraged his followers to watch Borat 2, and then hilariously called Trump’s lawyer a “horny old vampire.”

8 Judd Apatow

With Apatow having just released a new movie of his own, the Pete Davidson vehicle The King of Staten Island, which is arguably his best film, the celebrated comedy director was able to take some time off to watch Subsequent Moviefilm and gave it high praise.

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Apatow says that he wishes he could unsee it and then follows up by saying it’s hilarious, and given Borat’s nature, wishing he could unsee it is exactly the reaction Cohen was looking for.

7 Josh Gad

Josh Gad was one of the first high profile Twitter users to comment on the movie, and his claim that Rudy Giuliani is “over in a very big way” made waves and encouraged confused Twitter users to find out what the fuss was about.

With a seemingly infinite amount of true crime documentaries on Netflix and thousands of shows currently in production, Gad claims that Borat 2 is the most uncomfortable 90 minutes in recent memory.

6 Amy Schumer

Arguably one of the funniest comedians on the planet right now with her leading roles in movies, record-breaking stand-up shows, and popular sketch show, Inside Amy Schumer, the actor chimed in with her thoughts.

Schumer said it isn’t just one of the funniest movies she’s ever seen, but the funniest movie she’s ever seen. She continued by saying that it’s “right on time,” as it comes right before the election and even has a title card at the end that tells people to vote.

5 Adam McKay

Instead of blanket statements like, “it’s funny,” Adam McKay, director of the Anchorman movies and Step Brothers, tweets something only Adam McKay could.

He said that Borat 2 explores the “twisted insane clown car heart of America,” which is interesting because it acknowledges how messed up some of the scenes are, but it still expresses hope and that some of the people featured in the movie still have their hearts in the right places. And having directed Vice, McKay can clearly relate to the political agenda of the movie.

4 James Gunn

James Gunn is an unbelievably busy man, but he was able to take some time off from his heavy schedule of working on both The Suicide Squad and Guardians of the Galaxy 3 to watch the most controversial movie of the year. The director brings up what few other celebrities have.

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Yes, the movie is funny, and yes, the movie is shocking, but Gunn brings up how surprisingly moving and emotive Borat 2 is. And he commends newcomer Maria Bakalova for her role as Tutar, Borat’s daughter, who stole the show.

3 Seth Rogen

Sometimes, when actors make different movies for the same studio, they are granted privileges that include seeing each other’s films in advance of their release, and that seems to be the case here.

Rogen was the very first person to comment on Borat 2, and not being a stranger to iconic roles himself, he knows a great character when he sees one. After apparently seeing it six times before it was even released on Amazon Prime, the actor couldn’t help but share his love for it ahead of time.

2 Edgar Wright

Edgar Wright is as much a cinephile as he is a director, as he consumes anything that is released, and the Shaun of the Dead director gave an extremely in-depth review with few characters.

Wright praised Cohen for the ability to shoot a movie in secret under lockdown, and for delivering it like a “Trojan horse.” And being the exquisite comedy writer that he is, he even managed to squeeze in a joke.

1 Rudy Giuliani

Giuliani’s own comments take the cake, as his now infamous excuse of tucking in his shirt has spawned dozens of memes.

Though Giuliani might call himself a victim of Cohen’s, very few other people see it that way, and it’s these very comments that have caused a press circus almost as big as the movie itself.

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