10 Funniest Hidden Camera Movies, Ranked According to IMDb

With the success of Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm, which has become one of Sacha Baron Cohen’s best movies according to IMDb, fans may be looking for other hidden camera movies. There are plenty that people aren’t aware of, and some that were even inspired by Cohen’s creation.

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Though most hidden camera films tend to be mockumentaries, it may come as a surprise that not all of the best ones are necessarily comedies or parodies, but dramas and even sci-fi movies, too.

10 Bruno (5.8)

One of the first characters created by Cohen, Bruno was the first project he worked on after the revelatory first Borat film. Bruno received a mixed reception upon release and audiences found the amount of nudity in the movie crude, but it is a niche film and features many interviews just as hilarious as the ones found in Borat.

As Bruno was essentially ‘more of the same thing,’ it may be possible that if Bruno was released before Borat, it might have seen a much better reception.

9 I’m Still Here (6.2)

I’m Still Here is one of the stranger documentaries out there, as it follows Joaquin Phoenix retiring from acting and becoming a gangster rapper.

Though the fact that it was a lie was one of the worst kept secrets in Hollywood, it’s still wholly unique and an interesting fly on the wall look at the idea of celebrity. The movie mixes videos of Phoenix captured by the paparazzi with interviews and hidden camera footage of Phoenix’s new persona.

8 Under The Skin (6.3)

It may come as a surprise that Under The Skin features hidden camera footage, as the movie is a suspenseful sci-fi thriller as opposed to a comedy, which tends to be the rule of thumb for hidden camera films.

However, there’s plenty of hidden camera footage throughout, as it follows Scarlet Johansson’s character as she walks around Scotland, unnoticed by civilians.

7 Bad Grandpa (6.5)

With a long list of celebrities both embarrassed and ridiculed in Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm, Bad Grandpa stays away from ridiculing famous people and aims for something more reactionary.

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The movie follows Johnny Knoxville dressed up as Irving Zisman, as he helps a young child try to win a beauty contest. It’s a hilarious and surprisingly heartwarming narrative, but many of its hidden camera scenes are underwhelming, especially compared to other hidden camera movies.

6 Jackass: The Movie (6.6)

Jackass The Movie poster

Being the first of a surprising movie franchise, Jackass: The Movie doesn’t follow any kind of structure and is instead, essentially a long episode of the show it’s based on, but with bigger stunts.

Though Borat is celebrated for kickstarting a new wave of hidden camera movies, Jackass: The Movie featured the same thing for years prior. And though Borat visits a lot of different locations in both movies, the Jackass crew pull off their antics in Japan, pranking everyone, from shopkeepers to police officers.

5 Great World Of Sound (6.7)

Great World of Sound

Hugely influenced by Borat and released just one year after, Great World Of Sound follows two men who try to make it in the record industry by stealing other musician’s songs.

When the characters had musicians audition for them in the movie, real people performed in the auditions without having any clue that it was actually a film shoot. The movie is one of the more critically successful hidden camera films, compared to the others.

4 Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm (6.9)

Borat 2 is one of the best movies that takes advantage of improv and it came at the perfect time, almost acting as the savior of 2020. The movie quickly became a critical sensation, as it seemingly came out of nowhere, being shot in the middle of a pandemic, and for exposing Donald Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani.

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Not only is Borat 2 almost a perfect sequel, as it provides the same kind of laughs and shocking interviews as the original, but it has been praised for newcomer Maria Bakalova’s role as Tutar, Borat’s daughter, who he tries to gift to Michael Pence, and then, of course, Guiliani.

3 Jackass Number 2 (7.0)

Jackass Number Two

The second entry in the Jackass movie series significantly upped the ante and featured the crew acting more like characters of themselves. And this time the movie was as much about the stuntmen (if you can call them that) as it was the stunts.

The sequel again features Knoxville’s Irving, with one of the funniest scenes following him berating his child in front of the public to get their reactions.

2 Jackass 3D (7.0)

Jackass 3D cast

Once again, Irving Zisman makes a return to the big screen, this time bigger than ever, with a more prominent role and in 3D. In this iteration, he freaks out the public by losing his leg, going to the toilet in the middle of the street, and pretending that his scooter has malfunctioned.

This time, he is joined by Spike Jonze, the director behind Being John Malkovich and Where The Wild Things Are, who plays Irving’s wife.

1 Borat (7.3)

Borat sings the national anthem

Borat’s score on IMDb may be a testament to why there aren’t many hidden camera movies, as they aren’t always the most popular or well-liked. But Borat is inarguably Cohen’s best movie and it has become a classic.

Though Borat was only a secondary character on Da Ali G Show, the fourth-best journalist in Kazakhstan has far surpassed Ali G and even Bruno, in terms of popularity, and the movie is still quoted to no end.

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