10 Best Season 7 Episodes, According To IMDb

Seth MacFarlane had proven his comedic genius by bringing Family Guy back from cancellation and delivering some of the animated-comedies best seasons.

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Season seven saw the return of several staples for the Griffin family and brought about even more spoof episodes where they decided to poke fun at some of society’s greatest pop-culture moments, just as they always have.

10 Baby Not On Board: Episode 4 (7.5)

When Peter is gifted free gas for a year, the family decides that this would be a perfect time to take a trip to the Grand Canyon. However, Stewie ends up missing the 6.a.m. departure-time, and the family leaves without him.

Ironically, the baby that can build time machines and advanced weaponry can’t take care of himself as the episode revolves around Stewie not being able to make himself dinner, change his diapers, and other various day-to-day things. The family finally realizes they left Stewie behind and end up in a mixture of problems—mostly caused by Peter—that delay their return.

9 Family Gay: Episode 8 (7.5)

Peter’s hijinks get the Griffin’s in debt and Peter decides to make some extra money by having medical tests done on him, one of which is to be infected with the “gay gene.” Peter spends the rest of the episode as a homosexual, which obviously raises some questions and alters the family dynamic.

Peter eventually leaves Lois for a man due to his new-found sexuality, and the family progressively accepts it, only for the gene to wear off on Peter in a very inopportune situation.

8 420: Episode 12 (7.5)

Marijuana remains a relatively controversial topic in some areas, but Family Guy’s 420-friendly episode did it’s best to promote the activity when Brian was arrested for carrying a quarter ounce of pot, prompting him to get a law passed that made marijuana legal in Quahog.

The whole town begins to smoke and mellows out, but, unfortunately, the newly established hemp business starts to make Carter Pewterschmidt lose money from his own business, so he bribes Brian into getting the drug illegalized again.

7 The Man With Two Brians: Episode 5 (7.6)

Long before the days where Family Guy shocked the world and made it seem like they were going to kill off Brian, they did this particular episode in which the Griffins decide to get another dog alongside their canine companion, named New Brian. The new dog immediately hits it off with the family, and everyone loves him, prompting Brian to move out, as he believes it’s time for him to move on.

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However, it turns out that New Brian is just smoke-and-mirrors and shows his true colors when he reveals to Stewie that he humped Rupert, Stewie’s stuffed-bear, for over two hours… which Stewie then murdered him for, allowing Brian to make his way back into the family.

6 Ocean’s Three And A Half: Episode 7 (7.6)

After seven seasons of being pregnant, Bonnie finally gave birth to a little girl named Susie. This brought about several medical bills and new expenses for Joe that he couldn’t afford, so Peter asked his father-in-law for a loan for the $20,000, but the rich old man refused.

To get revenge on his spiteful father-in-law, Peter and the guys decide to steal $40 million from Carter in response, but are stopped by Lois at the last minute. Lois eventually cons the original $20,000 out of her father by telling him it’s for a divorce.

5 Not All Dogs Go to Heaven: Episode 11 (7.6)

In a rare religion-based episode, Family Guy decided to tackle the topic of atheism, focusing on Brian’s lack of belief. When Meg gets the mumps and attributes her recovery to her newfound faith, the family doesn’t have a problem with it, but they do have a problem when Brian admits that he’s an atheist—and so does the rest of the town.

Everyone in Quahog finds out about Brian’s lack of faith and begin to harass him whenever he goes out and Meg continues to try and get Brian to convert to Christianity, but Brian hits her with a harsh counterargument when he tells her that any God wouldn’t have possibly given her the crappy life that she has to endure.

4 I Dream of Jesus: Episode 2 (8.0)

When Peter overplays a record he gets from a 50s diner and Peter and Stewie end up destroying it in response, Peter winds up at a record store looking for a replacement. Instead, he finds Jesus Christ. The Messiah informs Peter that he pops in every 100 years or so and that Peter is the first one to recognize him.

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The two quickly become friends, and Peter convinces Jesus to reveal himself to the world. Unfortunately, this causes Jesus to turn into a stuck-up celebrity who winds up in prison and on drugs, so the son of God decides that he’s still not ready for this world yet.

3 Stew-roids: Episode 13 (8.1)

As already stated, Bonnie gave birth to a little baby girl named Susie, and, in this episode, she beats up Stewie. In response, Peter starts taking Stewie to the gym and gives him steroids, resulting in Stewie getting ridiculously jacked.

The now muscular Stewie starts bullying and bossing everyone around, but he eventually winds up losing all of his muscle and being flabby and gross when his steroids wear off. Meanwhile, Chris becomes one of the cool kids when the most popular girl in school asks him out, and he eventually nudges her out of the picture completely, forcing the popular girl to team up with Meg to bring her arrogant brother down.

2 Road to Germany, Episode 3 (8.1)

While Stewie might not have been able to make himself dinner, he was able to build himself a time machine. Unfortunately, Mort stumbled into said machine and accidentally sent himself back to the year 1939 and ended up in Poland. Stewie and Brian follow him and end up in the exact spot that Germany invaded when the second World War began.

Stewie and Brian retrieve Mort, but they end up having to travel all around war-torn Europe as they try to obtain some uranium in order for Stewie to send them back to the present.

1 Three Kings, Episode 15 (8.2)

In this brilliant episode, Family Guy spoofed three classic films/books by one of the greatest authors to ever live, Stephen King. The first involves an adventure where Peter, Cleveland, Joe, and Quagmire are turned into the four boys from Stand By Me, the second involves Brian becoming the novelist from Misery with Stewie playing the part of nurse Annie Wilkes, and the third found Peter playing the role of Andy Dufresne in The Shawshank Redemption, with Cleveland playing the part of Red.

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