10 Best Season 10 Episodes, According To IMDb

Although it was clear that The Big Bang Theory had lost its former glory during season 10, some episodes were still hilarious and stood their own.

While The Big Bang Theory was still popular enough to warrant renewing for a few more seasons, it was well established by the series’ tenth season that the show was on the back end of it’s career.

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That said, the show about geeks and nerds living in Pasadena California had evolved over it’s decade on the air into a warm-hearted, feel-good show about a group of friends who had become family (like most sitcoms do) and continued to provide audiences with scientific bouts of laughter.

10 The Property Division Collision, Episode 10 (7.4)

When Leonard and Sheldon finally decide to start living with their ladies rather than each other, it creates an obvious divide between the two former roommates when they have to divide up the things in their apartment that they bought together.

The division escalates into a fight when Sheldon selfishly tries to lay claim to everything and the two end up pulling an assortment of childish pranks on one another in response. However, the conflict resolves itself when the two friends realize they’re fighting because it’s easier than facing their true feelings about how they’re going to miss being roommates.

9 The Hot Tub Contamination, Episode 5 (7.5)

While Sheldon struggled with any type of relationship in the earlier seasons, it was mainly his relationship with Amy that he continued to struggle with during the latter half of the series. During this episode, Amy and Sheldon are finding it hard to live together as they’ve begun bickering about little things.

Sheldon vents to Penny while Amy talks to Leonard and the two groups have emotional, in-depth conversations that make them realize that the two geniuses’ love each other, and having opposing views on a few small things doesn’t change that.

8 The Geology Elevation, Episode 9 (7.5)

It was a running gag throughout the series that Sheldon’s least-respected area of science was Geology. So when the group’s friend, Bert (a geologist), won a MacArthur genius grant for his research, Sheldon was just a little bit irritated.

Throughout the episode, a frustrated Sheldon tries to appear happy for Bert and continuously hurts himself in the process. Eventually, Sheldon talks to Dr. Stephen Hawking who reminds him that he himself has never won a Nobel Prize and that any advancement in science is a victory, no matter the field.

7 The Comic-Con Conundrum, Episode 17 (7.5)

As stated, in the later seasons the series really pulled away from the nerdiness of the show and honed in more on establishing the gang in their own personal relationships. That’s what happened with everybody in this particular episode where each couple (Leonard/Penny, Amy/Sheldon, Bernadette/Howard/Raj) have to decide whether or not they all want to go to Comic-Con together.

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The guys all want to go with none of the girls wanting to, but eventually, all of the groups (including the guys) decide to sit out Comic-Con for the very first time.

6 The Birthday Synchronicity, Episode 11 (7.6)

Talk about poor timing. Two pretty sizable revelations were made in season 9 of The Big Bang Theory when Sheldon and Amy had sex for the first time and then later Bernadette announced she was pregnant with Howard’s child.

Both of those two plots intertwined with one another during this episode where Bernadette goes into labor on Amy’s birthday (the one day a year she and Sheldon have sex). Due to the pregnancy taking precedent, Amy and Sheldon spend the whole episode holding off their intimate time while the rest of the gang waits for Bernadette to give birth.

5 The Conjugal Conjecture, Episode 1 (7.8)

Audiences had met Penny’s father several times before the tenth season, but it was in the season opener that fans finally got to meet Penny’s mother and brother as they were in town for Leonard and Penny’s wedding.

The day is supposed to be a happy and joyous occasion but the guests and relatives quickly derail things and threaten to destroy the entire event. Luckily, love wins the day as Leonard and Penny (and Sheldon) get married.

4 The Cohabitation Experimentation, Episode 4 (8.0)

The first half of the tenth season played heavily on all of the changes Leonard/Penny and Sheldon/Amy would face whilst living together and this was the episode that began it all. When Amy’s apartment floods and the group decides that she should try living with Sheldon while it’s being repaired, Leonard and Penny decide to try living alone at the same time.

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The two couples (besides Sheldon) immediately think it will be great having their own spaces, but after just one night they all realize that it’s not everything they thought it would be.

3 The Veracity Elasticity, Episode 7 (8.0)

Another episode that centered around Leonard/Penny and Sheldon/Amy’s relationship dealt with the aftermath of Sheldon finding out that Amy had been lying to him about her apartment being fixed (which it had been for weeks).

Meanwhile, Leonard and Penny have settled into the apartment and made it feel their own – except for the fact that Penny has secretly started getting rid of all of Leonard’s toys and collectibles. The episode ends with Sheldon and Amy deciding that they’d be happy to still live together, while Leonard hides some of his toys in their closet so Penny can’t throw them away.

2 The Brain Bowl Incubation, Episode 8 (8.1)

While Sheldon may have set the rule that he and Amy would only have sex on her birthday, he was very much willing to make an exception to the rule when an experiment concluded that a child produced by himself and Amy would be a “super-human”.

He then spends the entire episode trying to seductively convince Amy to procreate, to which Amy has to force herself to decline since she’s not ready to have a baby yet.

1 The Long Distance Dissonance, Episode 24 (8.6)

And that’s how a cliffhanger is done. The highest-rated episode of the season deserved it’s top score as it successfully left audiences dangling for months. When an old admirer of Sheldon’s reappears while Amy is away at Princeton, the rest of the gang begins to worry if Sheldon has matured sexually enough to think of other women as potential suitors besides Amy.

Sheldon, however, doesn’t realize the admirer is hitting on him – until she blatantly kisses him. Sheldon, in shock, immediately gets up from his seat and leaves. He gets in a cab, hops on a plane, heads to Amy’s apartment – and appears on her doorstep on his knee with an engagement ring as he asks Amy to marry him.

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