Train To Busan 3 Updates: Release Date & Story

The Train To Busan movie franchise recently expanded with 2020’s Peninsula, but will there be a Train to Busan 3? Here’s everything we know.

The Train To Busan zombie movie series is one of the most popular in the 21st century. After the release of Train To Busan 2: Peninsula, many fans are wondering if Train To Busan 3 will happen and, if so, when will it release? Here’s everything we know so far about Train To Busan 3. 

In recent years, zombie movies have continued to grow increasingly stale due to predictable story lines and stereotypical depictions of the undead. The late George A. Romero popularized the sub-genre with Night Of The Living Dead and its subsequent sequels. Since then, several horror movies and TV shows have taken on the task of bringing new life to the undead, such as AMC’s The Walking Dead and 28 Days Later. Despite the seemingly timeless nature of the creatures, the 2010s showcased how they were becoming remarkably unpopular. When Train To Busan released in 2016, it reinvigorated the zombie sub-genre with a new, inventive take on the situations that people are under when the apocalypse first hits home.

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Train To Busan takes place almost entirely on a train, as soon as the zombie apocalypse begins. As a father tries to protect his daughter from the undead, the other train car passengers come to the realization that there may be no escape. Its follow-up, Train To Busan 2: Peninsula, takes place four years after the events of the first movie. The entirety of the southern peninsula of Korea has been overrun by zombies, while the rest of the world appears to be untouched. With an isolated apocalypse, individual narratives, and the possibility to seek refuge in other countries, Train To Busan 3 could be a turning point for the series.

Train To Busan 3 Release Date

Four years after Train To Busan, Train To Busan 2: Peninsula released on VOD. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the theatrical release of the sequel was allocated to select theaters prior to the movie’s VOD release in October 2020. The global pandemic deeply impacted the ability for movies to go into or finish production. As of November 2, 2020, there is no news on whether a Train To Busan 3 will be made, but it’s very likely due to the previous movies’ popularity. If a third Train to Busan movie does go into production, it won’t be expected to hit theaters or VOD for at least two years. This is based on the current state of the COVID-19 restrictions on filming in Korea, as well as how long it took to finalize Train To Busan 2: Peninsula. 

Train To Busan 3 Cast

Horror Movie VOD Train to Busan 2

Each installment in the Train To Busan movie series so far has featured an entirely new cast. Therefore, audiences can expect that there will be an entirely new one as well for Train To Busan 3. While some fans have speculated that they could bring back characters from the first movie, this seems unlikely based on the series’ basic premise of people with drastically different backgrounds experiencing the same zombie apocalypse in individual ways.

Train To Busan 3 Story Details

Train To Busan 2: Peninsula released in October 2020 on VOD, and revealed that fans would not see the return of the infamous train from the first movie. Instead, it takes place four years later, with an entirely new cast and story line. Even though there are only two movies in the series so far, it is evident that children are integral to Yeon Sang-ho’s telling of the zombie apocalypse. As such, fans can expect to see a story that focuses on Korea’s youth in some way. Train To Busan 3 may take the route of uncovering the truth behind the origins of the zombie apocalypse, due to the sequel’s major reveal that all other countries seem to be untouched by it. In the coming months, news about the third movie in the Train To Busan series will hopefully be revealed, especially with the popularity of Korean zombie movies in 2020.

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