Tesla’s Updated Cybertruck To Be Revealed Towards The End Of The Year

Ever since the first reveal of the Tesla Cybertruck, the world awaits what the final production form of the carmaker’s first electric truck will be. Well, according to Elon Musk the wait is almost over.

Answering a follower’s question on Twitter, Tesla’s CEO said that the updated Cybertruck will make its first appearance “in a month or so”.

Musk, who said back in May that the final production version of the Cybertruck will be slightly smaller than the enormous prototype only to take it back a few days later, revealed that they are making “small improvements” to the truck’s design to make it better than the prototype that was revealed last November.

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“Generally, at Tesla, we really aim to make the car that is delivered better than the car that is unveiled”, Elon Musk said during the Q3 2020 Earnings Call. “Because it always drive me crazy, car companies would unveil these awesome looking cars, like, great, you can’t wait until they make that. And then the car they actual make is like much worse, and — but it’s just — it’s like really disappointing? So man, we always want to make the car that we deliver be better than the car we unveil. And that’s the goal with the Cybertruck. So there’s like a lot of small improvements compared to what was unveiled. I think it’s going to be better than what we showed.”

The physical size of the prototype Tesla Cybertruck is perhaps the bigger concern for future owners; as it stands, the electric truck is probably too big to fit in a normal US-sized garage so it remains to be seen whether Tesla is going to do anything about it.

Updated: November 4, 2020 — 3:35 pm

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