Steven Universe Learned To Say Goodbye To Friends In “Little Graduation”

Steven Universe Future sees the title character celebrate Little Homeschool’s graduating class but hating the idea of his friends leaving.

Steven Universe Future’s “Little Graduation” saw the title character having trouble letting go of friends. Steven Universe is an acclaimed Cartoon Network series that debuted in 2013. It follows the titular Steven, who is half-human and half-Gem, who are a race of aliens gifted with special abilities. Steven lives in Beach City with his guardians the Crystal Gems – Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl – who teach him to use his own powers.

Steven Universe himself was based on the brother of creator Rebecca Sugar (Adventure Time). The show works as a colorful adventure with catchy musicals numbers, but it also received praise for its exploration of LGBTQ themes alongside topics like mental health and depression. Steven Universe: The Movie arrived in 2019, while the show itself received an epilogue series in the form of Steven Universe Future, which dealt with Steven learning to grow up while dealing with the events of the movie.

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Steven Universe Future episode 9 “Little Graduation” saw Steven learn an important lesson while dealing with Little Homeschool’s first graduating class. The episode opens with him visiting old friend Lars at the bakery to pick up a cake for graduation – only to be devastated to learn Lars has broken up with Sadie, who has moved on to a new partner named Shep. Steven is further crestfallen to find out Lars is planning to leave and head back to space after graduation.

steven universe future little graduation dome

Steven Universe Future’s “Little Graduation” then moves to the main event, where the Off Colors officially graduate. Sadie introduces Steven to Shep, and Steven is further upset to learn Sadie’s band has also broken up. Sadie and Shep later take to the stage to perform a song together, but when Lars tries to leave an upset Steven inadvertently forms a pink dome around the party with his powers, trapping everyone inside. This is obviously down to Steven bottling up his emotions and he soon learns that only did Sadie and Lars grow apart naturally, but that the latter is happy Sadie found a new partner in Shep.

This doesn’t help Steven’s feelings and the dome starts to contract rapidly, threatening to crush everyone inside. It’s Shep who uses their insight into Steven’s emotions to tell him he clearly doesn’t want to let go of his friends but he has to. It’s only when Steven learns from his friends that their friendships will always be intact no matter what that the dome disappears. Steven Universe Future “Little Graduation” ends with Steven apologizing to everyone, saying goodbye to Lars and receiving a tape of Sadie and Shep’s song “Looking Forward.” The episode ends as it begins, with Steven listening to a tape in his car, but having accepted he has to let people move on with their own lives, even if saying goodbye is painful.

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