PS Plus Is 25% Off With Discount Code Ahead Of PS5 Launch

Sony is offering a 25% discount on PlayStation Plus subscriptions to existing customers whose subs are about to expire, in preparation for the PS5.

Sony is offering a 25% discount on PS Plus subscription renewals, in anticipation of the upcoming PS5 launch. PS Plus is a paid subscription service that is necessary for playing multiplayer games on PlayStation platforms, but subscribers also receive regular free games every month.

Sony is planning a major push for PS Plus going into the PS5 era, starting with the introduction of the PlayStation Plus Collection’s library of upgraded PS4 games. This means that anyone who subscribes to PS Plus will automatically have access to a library of high quality first-party & third-party titles. The PlayStation Plus Collection might not have the expansive list of titles present on Xbox Game Pass, but the value of titles like Bloodborne, God of War, and The Last of Us: Remastered speak for themselves.

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The PS5 is launching this month, and Sony has a high-quality line-up of PS Plus games to kick off the new era. November’s PS Plus line-up includes the PS5 version of Bugsnax, which people can claim even if they don’t own the system yet. The people with PS Plus subscriptions that are about to expire are in luck, as Sony will be offering a renewal discount. According to Twisted VoxelSony is sending out emails with discount codes to PS Plus subscribers who are due to renew soon.

PS Plus June 2019 Games

The discount only applies to the renewal of three-month or twelve-month subscriptions. The additional time will be added to any remaining time on the current subscription. This discount code will remain active until November 9, so fans need to act fast if they want to make the most of this deal. Not everyone has managed to secure a next-gen system, thanks to the ongoing PS5 pre-order debacle, but it might be wise to renew the PS Plus subscription now for when more orders come in.

PS Plus took a hit in value when it stopped adding PS3 and PS Vita games, which meant that it was easy for fans to criticize the monthly outings when it was just for two titles. The introduction of the PlayStation Plus Collection, Bugsnax being the first free PS5 PS Plus game, and Destruction AllStars being added next February means that there are more reasons to subscribe now than ever before.

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The PlayStation 5 will be available in select countries on November 12, 2020 and globally on November 19. Pre-orders are available now.

Source: Twisted Voxel

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