Marvel Introduces Thor’s Mjolnir-Wielding Daughter

Marvel Comics just introduced Thor’s future daughter Brigid in the latest issue of Captain Marvel and revealed her connection to Mjolnir.

Warning! Spoilers for Captain Marvel #23 below

In a future Marvel Universe where most of the heroes are dead, the daughter of Thor has emerged as one of the last hopes for humanity. In the latest issue of Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers finds herself in a future where the good guys lost and must team-up with a group of young heroes to save humanity, including Thor’s daughter Brigid.

In the current Captain Marvel series from Kelly Thompson, Lee Garbett, Belen Ortega, Antonio Fabela, and VC’s Clayton Cowles, Carol ends up getting teleported to a dystopian future in the year 2052 after being attacked by a monster. The future isn’t particularly kind to Marvel heroes, as a majority of them have died at the hands of a villain named Ove. Meanwhile, there are also demons running rampant. Danvers ends up with a group of surviving heroes, where she encounters some new and old faces.

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In Captain Marvel #23, Carol teams up with a group of young survivors after a possessed Luke Cage tells them they’ve been granted safe passage to Ove’s mysterious hideout. When deciding what to do, the survivors are revealed. Among them are Dani Cage (Jessica Jones and Luke Cage’s daughter) and Irene Lebeau (Rogue and Gambit’s daughter) – heroes who were introduced in Captain Marvel: The End, the story that showed how Carol died trying to save the world. This version of Carol is from the past and trying to prevent the future from happening. In assembling the team for what appears to be a trap, she invites Brigid, Thor’s daughter to help.

Thor's daughter

Brigid, a blacksmith, initially refuses Captain Marvel’s offer to join their expedition. She stresses that she isn’t a hero and despite having her own hammer to forge weapons, she can’t control Mjolnir. Brigid eventually agrees to join the group in their voyage after Carol tells her that she could really use her help.

It’s unclear whether Brigid will continue to exist beyond this story, as it’s a future timeline that might not exist when things wrap up – or at least not a part of Marvel’s main continuity. However, it’s still great to see Thor’s daughter in action. Brigid’s design is sleek and her strength is evident. Considering her struggles with wielding Mjolnir, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Brigid ultimately save the day by summoning Thor’s hammer. But considering the group ends their trek by arriving in a utopian-looking New Atlantis with Ove greeting them with a smile, there’s no telling what happens next.

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