How Nicole Franzel’s Behavior Shows She’s A Sore Loser

Nicole Franzel placed third on Big Brother 22: All-Stars after she was cut by Cody Calafiore in the Final 3, and she’s not taking it well at all.

Nicole Franzel placed third on Big Brother 22: All-Stars after she was cut by Cody Calafiore in the Final 3, and she’s not taking it well at all. Throughout the years, Nicole has struggled a lot with the concept of loyalty on Big Brother. When she first played on BB16, Nicole got backstabbed quite a few times by people that she thought were close to her. For one, that male-dominated season didn’t leave any room for Nicole to play the game. In addition, Nicole’s sole female ally, Christine Varner, also betrayed her trust in order to please the dominant male alliance.

When Nicole Franzel returned to the series to compete on Big Brother 18, she was clear-headed about not being on the wrong side of the house once again. She led the charge in forming an alliance with the other three returning houseguests on BB18, and she also built relationships with the new players in order to secure her spot. This time, however, it was Nicole that got blamed for betraying certain allies, such as Da’Vonne Rogers. Nonetheless, she still managed to win the season by a 5-4 jury vote. In 2020, Nicole got cast on Big Brother 22, where she tried to play a very similar game to BB18. But when the season got to the Final 3, Cody shockingly decided to cut Nicole and keep Enzo instead.

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It is perfectly understandable that Nicole Franzel is having a hard time processing how her journey on Big Brother: All-Stars ended, but the fans aren’t liking some of her behavior after the show. Immediately following finale night, Nicole took to Instagram to unfollow several of her Big Brother-related friends, including Cody Calafiore, Derrick Levasseur, and Daniele Donato Briones, among others. In interviews, Nicole discussed how she’s struggling to accept Cody’s decision to cut her in the Final 3. While it is reasonable for her to feel betrayed by a friend and ally, it must be noted that Nicole made this same “game move” to cut Ian Terry and Da’Vonne Rogers throughout BB22, which would lead one to assume that she understands how and why this is done. All things considered, the fans are starting to feel like Nicole is just being a “sore loser.”

The Big Brother 22 post-season has been unusually busy and heated in comparison to recent years. Considering that this was a cast full of returning players, many of these co-stars had preexisting alliances and friendships that are now being affected by whatever happened in the game. The fans certainly do hope that Nicole Franzel can come around to understanding why she was cut given that she did the same thing to other players earlier in the season. However, she has yet to make an official statement regarding her social media activity in the last few days.

For now, the fans can keep monitoring the social media platforms from the Big Brother 22: All-Stars contestants to see what else they’re willing to talk about. As always, expect the unexpected.

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