Constantine’s Movie Weapon Is Going To Save DC’s Universe

DCeased: Dead Planet sees John Constantine and a team of heroes steal the Spear of Destiny, which played a major role in Constantine’s movie.

Warning: spoilers for DCeased: Dead Planet #5!

Things are bad for the heroes fighting back the undead antagonists of the DCeased Universe. As if hordes of zombies weren’t enough, Trigon will soon make his attack against the last remaining heroes. Fortunately, John Constantine has a trick up his sleeve – one that calls back to the 2005 movie adaptation Constantine.

In DCeased: Dead Planet #5, Constantine speaks with Etrigan, who confirms that Trigon – and presumably an army of demons – will invade Earth in three days. That’s only 72 hours to come up with a plan, but luckily, Constantine already has one. Now all he needs is a team to execute it. Swamp Thing, Batman, Batwoman, Red Hood, and Ravager all agree to join Constantine on his mission, which takes them to Nanda Parbat, a hidden city home to the Spear of Destiny. The spear is said to be powerful enough to kill a god, making it humanity’s best chance against Trigon. Unfortunately, Rama Kushna, the goddess who oversees Nanda Parbat, is unwilling to part with it, but Constantine wouldn’t be Constantine if he took no for an answer. The Hellblazer uses the Spear against Rama Kushna, incapacitating her long enough for the group to escape with the weapon. Was it a low blow? Absolutely, but it was also necessary.

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In reality, the Spear of Destiny, also known as the Holy Lance, is said to be the spear used to stab Jesus Christ during the crucifixion. Pieces of this biblical relic are kept in various museums around the world, but in the universe of DC Comics, the Spear has magical capabilities. The artifact played a major role in the Constantine movie from 2005 starring Keanu Reeves. In the film, the head of the spear is found accidentally by a man named Manuel, who is scavenging in a broken-down Church. Manuel discovers the spearhead wrapped in a Nazi flag and, upon touching it, becomes possessed. He brings the weapon to the United States to give to Mammon, the son of Lucifer, who plans to use the Spear of Destiny to overthrow his father. Constantine intervenes and foils the plot, saving his friend and his own soul in the process.

Constantine Spear of Destiny in DCeased Comic

The Spear of Destiny will certainly give the heroes of DCeased a fighting chance against Trigon. The weapon is so powerful that even the Spectre pays Constantine a visit at the end of the issue, saying “You’re holding an object that can end me. That is concerning.” The Spectre has actually encountered the Spear before, during World War II, where it was wielded by Hitler himself against the JSA. If even the Spirit of Vengeance is wary of the Holy Lance, chances are it could do some serious damage to Trigon as well.

With Darkseid and the Anti-Living on one side and Trigon and his demons on the other, it looks like the heroes are going to have to fight a war on two fronts in the coming issues of DCeased: Dead Planet. He may have had to double-cross some old friends to get it, but Constantine will definitely need the Spear of Destiny if humanity has any hope of survival.

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